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Fresh off of Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday provides the latest chance to support Black-owned companies offering online discounts and sales during the holiday season.

Not only is it an opportunity to grab some good deals as gifting becomes increasingly urgent in the next few weeks, it’s also the perfect time to support Black businesses that could use all the help they can get to stay afloat.

“Nationwide there are more than 2.6 million black-owned businesses,” Black business owner Antwon Davis told NBC News. “But eight out of 10 fail within the first year and a half because of a lack of exposure, a lack of capital, and a lack of business acumen.”


Buying Black has also become somewhat of a rallying call for African-Americans after the polarizing campaign and election of Donald Trump widened the racial divide in America last year. That fact led to at least one woman looking to avoid major retailers this year in favor of spending her money with Black-owned businesses.

“We have to keep these dollars in our community just a little bit longer,’’ Black Florida consumer Candy Lowe told USA Today. “If we can …   we’ll see an economic improvement. If we see more businesses getting support, it won’t be so frightening to be a business owner.’’

What better time than the present to start putting into practice what Lowe has proposed?

The Black Business News Blog listed 25 Black-owned businesses offering up their wares for sale, including everything from desserts and snacks to drinks to cosmetics to clothing and more.

The Black Girl With Long Hair website also listed more than 40 other Black companies that focus on cosmetics and fashion.

Super Selected’s website has also provided a list of products made by 50 Black-owned companies that were offering sales for Cyber Monday.

A Twitter hashtag for Black-owned businesses has gone viral, and more Black-owned deals for the overall holiday season and for the future can be found by clicking here and here.


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