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A local robotics group is changing the medical field in a major way. They’ve designed an arm-like system that will help guide surgeons through tight procedures.

“We have some significant issues in surgery when we have narrow surgical corridors,” said Dr. Matt Stewart, Professor at Johns Hopkins University and Chief Medical Officer at Galen Robotics. “So, I’m an ear surgery specialist. When I do surgery down into the ear canal and middle and inner ear, it’s extremely narrow and there’s not a lot for room for an extra person or even an assistant.” Galen’s designs can make operations on vocal chords, cyst removals, upper neck and head areas, and other procedures of narrow spaces easier for doctors and more accessible for patients of all backgrounds. It provides a third arm for doctors during procedures and can hold surgical instruments.

Dedicated To Medical Equality

Galen Robotics is a Silicon Valley start-up company who moved to Baltimore in 2019 after being offered incentives from both the city and state. Their cutting-edge technology was on full display during their first open house on Friday (May 6th). The company released a statement sharing that the event would reflect its commitment towards making their technology “widely available, particularly to underserved communities.” Mayor Brandon Scott, City & State Representatives, and other local leaders were on hand as well as “politicians and other key figures who had a role in bringing Galen Robotics to Baltimore from Silicon Valley,” the company announced in a press release.

Here’s a demo of some of technology on display at Friday’s open house:

What’s Next

Galen Robotics has submitted to the Federal Drug Administration for clearance of its latest tech in two months. If approved, their robots may be used in actual surgeries. It’s been quite the start for the young company and the city expects more great things ahead.

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