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Georgia Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock Holds A Campaign Rally In Columbus

Sen. Rev. Raphael Warnock speaks to supporters during his campaign tour, outside of the Liberty Theater on October 8, 2022 in Columbus, Georgia.  | Source: Megan Varner / Getty

The highly anticipated debate showdown between the Democratic and Republican candidates vying for the opportunity to represent the state of Georgia in the U.S. Senate has been reaching a fever pitch amid what seems like a nonstop series of bombshell reports that tip the scales of the political contest.

Despite the onslaught of what would under normal circumstances be bad press, aspiring politician Herschel Walker — the upstart controversial candidate boasting the endorsement of former President Donald Trump as well as a checkered past that continues to resurface — is set to meet face-to-face with incumbent Sen. Rev. Raphael Warnock.

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As the 2022 midterm election rapidly approaches, Walker’s and Warnock’s names are increasingly in the news, and not necessarily for good reasons. But the outsized amount of national attention for the Senate race has naturally piqued the curiosity of people wondering one thing: When does Herschel Walker debate Raphael Warnock?

Aside from credible reports that Walker — who describes himself on his campaign website as being “pro-life and pro-family”encouraged an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion that he paid for, his relationship with his outspoken son seems to be deteriorating in real-time while a scandal-hungry public watches the dysfunction play out.

Herschel Walker Senate GA

Herschel Walker and Former ambassador Nikki Haley speak with the press during Herschel’s Unite Georgia Bus Stop rally at the Global Mall in Norcross, Georgia on September 9, 2022. | Source: The Washington Post / Getty

It’s all helped to generate excitement around the debate — which is to speak nothing of the unfortunate fact that Walker’s inability to articulate much of his speech to intelligible levels has also contributed to the allure surrounding the race.

Walker’s soundbites in the news are often reduced to just that — mumbled sounds — as it’s many times unclear what he’s saying if viewers don’t have the assistance of subtitles.

That was just one of the mounting ironies of Walker finding himself preparing for a contest in which participants are required to speak clearly in order to express and support an argument.

For Warnock’s part, the incumbent who made history as Georgia’s first Black Senator — and just the 11th in U.S. history — recently extended his polling lead and has expressed confidence ahead of the debate.

“I’m ready for our debate in Savannah,” Warnock tweeted nearly a month ago before many damning revelations lent further credence to his opponent’s reputation as a hypocrite. “But, if my opponent isn’t ready to face me on a debate stage in Atlanta or Macon as well, I’m not sure why he thinks he’s ready to serve in the United States Senate.”

That was a reference to Walker’s apparent refusal to debate Warnock more than once. And, if reports are true, we’re lucky to get the one debate as it was alleged Walker demanded a “cheat sheet” of debate questions in advance. The request was denied.

In the meantime, we’ll all have to wait until Friday, Oct. 14, to see Walker and Warnock debate when they meet at the JW Marriott Savannah in Savannah’s Plant Riverside District at 7 p.m. local time.

The debate is scheduled to last one hour. Don’t miss it!


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