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Things are heating up now for the Greenleafs after Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) dropped that bomb on Bishop James (Keith David) last week. She should’ve never come for Bishop with the threat of divorcing his black a**. He switches up the game on her and beat her to the punch.

While enjoying the sunshine of a brand new morning, Marcella greets Mae at the breakfast table with documents that have just been delivered. Those documents are DIVORCE PAPERS! Displayed across the top of the form with big, bold letters read, ”Dissolution of Marriage!” Mae, honey – you’ve just been served.

Those papers set her off! She jumps in her car and peels out of the driveway heading straight to the law office of Plum Davison (Raushanah Simmons), a divorce attorney, to figure out her options and her next move.

Mae tells Plum that her husband has cheated on her with her sister multiple times, and recently started a new inappropriate relationship with a much younger woman. Plum seems confident that with all of Bishop’s infidelities, it should be fairly easy to get this divorce done and over with but she warns Mae that her days of receiving first lady privileges are behind her. It’s Cinderella time.

Meanwhile, Bishop knows he’s messed up big time with this one. He’s going around asking everyone if they’ve seen or heard from Mae because he expected her to respond. When she doesn’t, he realizes he made the wrong move in trying to prove a point and get a reaction out of her.

Mae definitely reacts, just not in the way Bishop hoped for. After hiring her new lawyer, Mae heads straight to a local jazz bar where she has one too many Brandy Alexanders and starts venting to strangers about her marital woes and not pursuing her dreams. She wanted to become a pastor of her own church like her former best friend, Maxine Patterson (Patti Labelle) has done.

She and Maxine were accepted to the same divinity school but only Maxine went, while Mae stayed behind to build a family with Bishop. She sounds regretful, and possibly a little resentful, of Maxine’s success. She ends up too wasted to go home  and spends the night in the hotel next door to the bar.

Mae is not the only Greenleaf woman going through trials and tribulations. Poor baby Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) just keeps getting shut down and shut out by the people she loves. It’s obvious that what she once had with Kevin (Tye White) is over and done. He’s with Aaron (William H. Bryant) and their relationship is blossoming. To make matters worse, she finds out that Aaron just accepted a new job in the area and will be moving in with Kevin.

She tries reaching out to Jabari (Sean Dominic) but he never seems to have enough time to speak to her. So she packs up her baby and drives SEVEN HOURS to speak to him in person only to find out that Jabari has moved on in more ways than one.

He’s found another woman to sing the songs of heaven that Charity should’ve been singing. And it looks like there’s something brewing between the two of them on a personal level, too. When Charity tells him she wants to come back on tour and he shuts her all the way down. He leaves her standing there with baby Nathan looking sad, lonely and confused.

Even her own father shuts her down when she goes to him and tells him that she wants to be a preacher. She just can’t catch a break. We last see her on the phone with Kevin lying to him about being on tour. We can only hope that it gets better for her.

Over at the house of Jacob, it’s the war of the roses and thorns between Jacob (Lamman Rucker) and Zora (Lovie Simone). When Tasha (Asia’h Epperson) informs Jacob that money is  missing from the offering envelopes during the first service, he suspects Zora. (As he should!)

She’s the only new usher during that service and when he calls an usher’s meeting to acknowledge how he “sees everything they do”, Zora looks guilty. At home, Jacob accuses her directly but she denies it all the way up until he finds the money stashed in her closet. Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) just stands there looking hurt and disappointed and for the first time, Zora has nothing to say.

Meanwhile, Gigi (Merle Dandridge) steps up to do an interview with a local reporter on the rise of women in leadership roles in the church. The interview was supposed to happen with Lady Mae but, since she’s unavailable, the story is done on Grace.

She’s also hoping to do some interviewing and fact checking of her own on Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett). She d asks Darius (Rick Fox) to do some digging on her to see what he can find out. He doesn’t find anything on Rochelle but he does uncover Calvary’s tax issue and Gigi is now privy to that information.

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