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This week Michael B. Jordan fans will be able to see him enter the ring again as he battles it out in “Creed II.” As a boxer and in life you get knocked down, but need to figure out a way to pick yourself up again.

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During an interview with The Christian Post, Jordan revealed what helps him during hard times in life and keeps him going.

He said, “I have a really strong support system around me, family, friends that are like family. I meditate a lot, spirituality is as big with me. It’s a big deal. It’s kind of what keeps me centered a lot of the times, so that’s definitely an aspect of my life that helps me push through certain hard times.”

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Jordan was raised in the church and has always believed in God, which helps him get through different struggles in life.

Nevertheless, the movie is filled with inspiring quotes, heartfelt statements and what Jordan likes to call “Rockyisms.”

He shared one of his favorites and said, “’It’s not how hard you get hit, its how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.’ That’s always a quote that I really liked from our films.”

Morever, Jordan is focused to continue to make successful movies that not only helps the next generation, but helps them with their success.

He said, “Life is tough right now. You got to be able to take ownership over the things you can control. I think [for] young people nowadays is like trying to get them focused. The cliche thing is, stay in school and get an education, listen to your parents, those are the kind of the foundations right now.”

Lastly, Jordan wants to continue to do humanitarian work as well as being a role model for young people all around.


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