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9 Super Bowl Commercials That Made Up For The Panthers’ Disappointing Loss  was originally published on


Aside from The Panther’s disappointing loss to the Broncos and Yonce’s EPIC halftime performance, Super Bowl 50 was notable for one other thing – their commercial breaks. While some ads were a bit of a dud or extremely bizarre (“PuppyMonkeyBaby”), click through the gallery to see which made the top of our list.

2. Pepsi: Joy Of Pepsi

Our fellow soul sister, Janelle Monáe takes us on a musical journey through time. As she channels the bebop of the 1950s to Madonna, she SLAYS effortlessly. We wonder how long before she gets tapped for a Super Bowl halftime show?

3. Doritos: Ultrasound

If you love to snack as much as we do, you know how irresistible the cheddar crunchiness of Doritos are. This commercial pretty much sums that up.

4. Budweiser: Simply Put

Anyone with common sense knows that drunk driving is idiotic and NEVER worth it. Helen Mirren unapologetically tells it like it is and we are so here for it!

5. Campbell’s: This One’s For Mom

Get the tissues ready because this ad will definitely tug at your heart strings.

6. Colgate: Every Drop Counts

You definitely won’t be taking your access to clean water for granted after watching this.

7. NFL: Super Bowl Babies

Let’s just put aside how creepy it is that children are singing about their parents doing the deed. As they harmonize with Seal, you can’t help but find yourself humming along.

8. T-Mobile: Restricted Bling

Drake, Drake, and more DRAKE. What’s not to love here?

9. Pantene: Strong Is Beautiful

NFL superstars attempting to do their daughters hair is one of the funniest yet cutest things you’ll see on the Internet all week. Let’s just take a moment to cherish how awesome it is to see men reaffirm to their daughters that strong is in fact beautiful.