1. Maurette Brown Clark

Maurette Brown Clark Source:Interactive One

2. James Murphy

James Murphy Source:Interactive One

3. Richard Smallwood

Richard Smallwood Source:Interactive One

4. Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown Source:Getty

5. Jason and Jonathan Nelson

Jason and Jonathan Nelson Source:promo

6. JJ Hairston

JJ Hairston Source:Glenn Parson

7. Charles Butler

Charles Butler Source:Radio One

8. Tim Bowman Jr.

Tim Bowman Jr. Source:Getty

9. Clifton Ross III

Clifton Ross III Source:Getty

10. Andrea Dumas

Andrea Dumas Source:Promotion

11. Jeremiah Hicks

Jeremiah Hicks Source:Bill Hart Photography

12. Brittney Wright

Brittney Wright Source:Interactive One

13. Patrick Lundy

Patrick Lundy Source:Artist Submitted

14. Stephen Hurd

Stephen Hurd Source:Bill Hart Photography