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The Science Of Mack’s Hustle  was originally published on

1. Grind


Just as time is continuous, for Mack, it’s imperative for one’s grind to mirror the same thing.

2. Grind


“It’s just constant movement. We never stop working. To see the city, be in the city, and see it constantly move—the ebbs and flows—it’s an everlasting movement. My grind emulates that. It’s ever-moving.”

3. Swag


“A lot of people think of swag as the clothes you wear, but it’s the way you carry yourself. It’s the way that you walk, talk, and how you approach everything. It’s the confidence that exudes out of you. That’s swag. Swagger is how you carry yourself. If it’s the clothes or the jewelry that makes that come out of you, cool. But swagger is your attitude and pizzazz! It’s that thing that makes you, you.”

4. Game


“One of those undefinable things, you either have it or you don’t. It’s kind of hard to explain. If swagger is the attitude, game is the way that you use it. Understanding this move is setting up the next move. Being one, two, maybe three steps ahead of the move you’re currently making. I think the best people who play the game are the ones who think like that.”

5. Versatility


In Mack’s world, the glue that makes his formula an efficient equation is his ability to efficiently wear different hats.

6. Versatility


“The biggest thing in my career. It’s being able to cross over. Versatility is the ability to flip and change when you need to. It’s how you change. It’s progression. It’s the one thing we are all prone to do and never being afraid of it. Versatility is one of the keys of being successful. It’s being able to juggle both.”

7. Team


“Team…team is home. It’s the focal point. It’s the people around you that bring you up and won’t let you fall.”