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    Christian Life

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    The Gateway to Developing a Wholesome and Whole Person

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    Join Dr. Matthew L. Jones of the Concord Baptist Church as he presents a series called: The Gateway to Developing a Wholesome and Whole Person. Wholesome means approved and acceptable by man and by God. Whole means – not fragmented – complete. Our community is fragmented with many problems and crime and death. But there is a process that will change our situation. We did not get into this condition overnight, and it will not be resolved overnight. But, we can resolve it by the next generation. How hard is it to teach somebody to love themselves when the whole fabric of our society is telling you that you are nobody, that Black lives do not matter, that you are not worth anything? The truth of the matter is that it is very hard to do, BUT, it can be done! Dr. Jones will be Sharing with you information on developing a wholesome and whole child. The Gateway to Developing a Wholesome and Whole Person will provide some illustrations with periodic participation of the children from Concord Baptist Church Saturday School program.

    Let Dr. Jones Take You to childhood development treasures guaranteed to pay dividends in our children future.

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    The Cassandra Ferguson Morning Show

    It was put on Cassandra’s heart, after the recent up roar in Baltimore, to help our youth realize they have a voice and a purpose. This will be a platform where we will provide the necessary resources to help many and encourage them to reach their goals. As the older generation we have a responsibility to come together and try to come up with attainable solutions. I will begin this project by doing a radio show and inviting young adults, community leaders, business owners and subject matter experts on air to talk it over. The goal of  The Cassandra Ferguson Morning Show “Living In Your Unshakeable Purpose “ will not only be to bring light & wisdom to topics, community events  and rising issues in our city/state and world. But to create a platform of celebration and empowerment for small to large businesses and ministries in Baltimore, the surrounding countries and states.

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    EXiT Spivey Professional Realty

    Listen to Maryland Realtor Donnell for help in preparing your home for sale and a free market analysis! For more info, visit, call 410-680-2004, or visit his Ellicot City office at 9396-B Baltimore National Pike!

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    On The Couch

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    Building An Empire w/ K’Sal

    Building An Empire with K'Sal Radio Show

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    Learn the untold tricks of their trade from successful artist, entrepreneurs and business owners! Building an Empire with (Your Girl) K’Sal is a funny and  exciting talk show that help people gain insight in jump-starting their careers and businesses. Her guests give inside information on how they have become successful, and help give back to listeners who want to follow that same path. K’Sal has been creating several successful businesses for over 20 years. She wants to help people gain the right knowledge, help build empires and create successful artists and business owners.