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    Weekly Wisdom with Pastor Keith Battle

    Weekly Wisdom with Pastor Keith Battle

    Source: Weekly Wisdom with Pastor Keith Battle / Zion Church

    Pastor Keith Battle is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Zion Church. Twenty years ago, he had a dream to create a church experience where anybody, regardless of their background, could experience God without some of the old school church “traditions” that may make people feel like outsiders. With God’s grace, he and his wife, Vicki Battle, have not only created a place where you can expect the unexpected but Zion has grown to span five campuses with tens of thousands of attenders all over the world! With humorous teaching, creative experiences, and great music as the foundation, Keith Battle and Zion Church bring together the everlasting truths of Christ from centuries ago with the everyday modern experiences to reach an entire generation of “unchurched” people. Expect to laugh, have thought-provoking revelations and ah-ha moments, and maybe even shed a tear or two in this broadcast. At the end of the day, we invite you to check us out and join the Zion Church family – a place where all are welcome to experience the endless and relentless love of Christ. For more info on Zion Church, visit us at

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    EXiT Spivey Professional Realty

    Donnell Spivey

    Source: EXIT Spivey Realty / EXIT Spivey Realty

    Listen to Maryland Realtor Donnell for help in preparing your home for sale and a free market analysis! For more info, visit, call 410-680-2004, or visit his Ellicot City office at 9396-B Baltimore National Pike!

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    Winning In Wealth

    Winning In Wealth Show

    Source: Shateka Husser / Shateka Husser

    Official Bio

    Shateka’s mission is to engage, encourage, educate, and empower thousands in their personal, professional, and financial development.  She’s an Army combat veteran, international best-selling author, executive coach, and serial entrepreneur with endeavors that include multi-dimensional investing, consulting, and authoring of books, events, and shows.  With the belief that purpose, health, relationships, and finance are the pillars of a wealthy life, Shateka started the Generational WEALTH show.  She also authored the first Generational WEALTH symposium event in Baltimore, MD in 2019.  (

    Shateka holds a Master of Business Administration from Devry’ University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, Bachelor of Science in Management from SC State University, and has been certified as a Professional Coach using WCI’s International Coach Federation criteria.  She also serves on the board for Veterans Housing Solutions, Keep It Moving (transitioning female ex-offenders), and is a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.  Besides connecting people with industry resources, Shateka enjoys traveling, networking, and exploring new restaurants.

    To find out more, visit http://www.LNK.BIO/Shateka.

    About the Show
    Winning in Wealth
    W.E.A.L.T.H. is an acronym for wise entrepreneurs and leaders transforming history.  The winning in wealth show is the show for rising entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals seeking to leverage and grow their finances.  While the show will always discuss finances, relationship mastery, purpose, and mental/emotional health will be included for the most holistic engagement and implementation by the listening audience.  This empowering show provides a plethora of missing pieces to individuals desiring to grow their income in unconventional, innovative ways. The audience can expect to receive valuable wealth-building information from both local and global experts and influencers.
    The listening audience is being drawn into a mindset shift that screams “stop trading time for money”, “retirement is not an age, it’s an income”, and “retire Before You expire”.  It’s a movement.

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    Believe in Borden

    Believe in Borden Updated Graphic

    Source: R1 / R1

    “Borden a Name you can trust. Two Local Black Business Owners”

    Lisa Borden has over 34 years of Business Experience and Masters Degree in Business from The University of Baltimore. She is the owner of Borden Transportation, Borden Consulting, The Borden Experience, Black Girls Stock Inc, and The Borden Foundation. She is also a wife, mother, and believer in Christ.

    Bj Borden is the owner of Borden Insurance Agency, Inc,Skyy 2 Win Youth Foundation Inc., a licensed Maryland realtor with Douglas Realty, Coach, Director of Basketball Operations, and Board Member of Howard County Youth Program Inc. He is alos a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of Trinity Law School. Bj has over 37 years in the insurance industry and 45 years in sales. He is a husband, father of three, and believer in Christ.

    They both like to work hard and give back to the community as the bible states, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” – Matthew 5:7

    For all your Transportation, Non-Profit, Consulting, Real Estate, Investment, and Insurance Needs Borden is a name you can BELIEVE in.

    To God Be the Glory

    @bordeninsurance @bordentransportation

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    Emmanuel Temple Presents E3 Empowerment

    Emmanuel Temple presents the E3 Empowerment broadcast featuring impactful, engaging and thought provoking discussions from a biblical perspective.

    Topics include:

    Health and Wellness

    Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Credit and Money Matters

    Marriage, Family, Lifestyle

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    Building An Empire w/ K’Sal

    Building An Empire with K'Sal Radio Show

    Source: Provided by KSAL / KSAL

    Learn the untold tricks of their trade from successful artist, entrepreneurs and business owners! Building an Empire with (Your Girl) K’Sal is a funny and  exciting talk show that help people gain insight in jump-starting their careers and businesses. Her guests give inside information on how they have become successful, and help give back to listeners who want to follow that same path. K’Sal has been creating several successful businesses for over 20 years. She wants to help people gain the right knowledge, help build empires and create successful artists and business owners.

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    The Upper Room Apostolic Church Live Broadcast

    The Upper Room Apostolic Church

    Source: Courtesy: The Upper Room Apostolic Church / The Upper Room Apostolic Church