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Time for the faith walk. Listen, Pastor Campbell preached on Sunday about authentic power. He talked about being able to turn on the light switch in your house and you know you feel like you have the power because you turn on the light switch. But if you don’t pay that bill, someone going to turn it off and I don’t care how much you flick that little switch? The power isn’t going to come on. 

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Many times I’ve looked at my phone and didn’t realize it wasn’t plugged in, and so while I was operating and I was using it, it wasn’t plugged in the power. So with all my things that I’m doing, all the tabs open, all the different apps that I’m using and the music that I’m playing and going to my clock app it the power is getting less and less and less in order to keep that power you must plug into power. The reason he was talking about authentic power was because the world would make you think that their power is real. They would make you think that because they have to have a lot of followers and sometimes bigger platforms that they have the power I want the people of God to understand that God is our power. He has given us the Holy Spirit, and that is your superpower.  

Don’t be deceived by culture. Don’t be deceived by numbers. Don’t be deceived by flashy things. Sometimes the powerful person in the room is the most quiet person in the room. Don’t be deceived and make sure you are tapping into the authentic power of the Holy Spirit.  


If you feel a little powerless, if you feel like you’ve been trying things and you’ve been trying to get things done and you’ve been trying to do it without the power of the Holy Spirit, I challenge you to get in line with what God is saying to you for you about you receiving Christ, receiving the Holy Spirit, and then walking in the power. That he gave you the comforter, the healer. I’m telling you, y’all the real power works. The real power changes things. The real power shows up in your life is nothing changing. Nothing shifting. You feel stuck. You better plug into the power, all right? And just in case you don’t believe my word, take the word 2 Timothy 1:7 “for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.” And then maybe, if you don’t like that one, what about acts 1:8, “but you shall receive power. After that, the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” Ephesians 1:19 “What is the exceeding greatness of his power to us, who believe.”  

Listen, y’all. The power is promised. Plug into your power.  




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