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Do you want to live the abundant life God has for you? Then break out your journal and write down

the things holding you back that you need to get rid of.

To help you do that, EEW Magazine is getting your list started with 10 things (in no particular order)

that will stop you from being blessed and prosperous.

#1 Negative thoughts: Get rid of a pessimistic attitude, which is assuming that nothing will

change or improve. Dismiss doubtful, fear-based and defeatist thoughts, and replace them with

the word of God.

#2 Hurt: We all are treated unjustly at some point in our lives, but don’t curse your life by

bringing old offenses into the present. Whoever has hurt you, let it go. Forgive, so your

blessings won’t be blocked.

#3 Failures: Some of the things you were hoping to do and succeed at didn’t work previously.

You’re not alone! Everyone has at least one failure they can point to. But don’t drag the

baggage of failure around forever and taint your expectations for better and more positive


#4 Drama: Petty workplace wars. Silly church spats. Trouble-making people. Anything or

anyone that currently and constantly stirs up strife in your life needs to be dropped off. Don’t

taint hinder your destiny with a bunch of negativity and foolishness. Who has time for it? Not


#5 Dead-end romances: If you’re not married, but are involved in a relationship with a person

who has demonstrated that they aren’t serious about growing and nurturing a healthy

relationship, it’s time to cut those ties.   If you know in your heart of hearts that this dead-end

romance has gone as far as it needs to, have the courage to walk away and leave room for

something better.

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