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There’s bravery, and then there’s fighting-off-a-big-bear-to-save-your-pet-dogs type of bravery. Bradbury, California teenager Hailey Morinico can definitely claim that feat for herself following a wild moment caught on camera that showed her rescuing service dogs from a real-life Yogi Bear.


FOX 11 Los Angeles put us on to the viral video, which according to them has been viewed more than 40 million times across all social media platforms. In the clip, originally shared by her mom on social media (seen above), Hailey shows extreme levels of bravery by fending off a large brown bear walking across the family fence with her two small bear cubs. The dogs, rolling deep might we add, ran out of their home towards the bear with menacing barks. It’s arguable who was really in the wrong — Mama Bear was just trying to get her cubs across that gate! — but it’s definitely cool to see the teen going to near-death lengths in order to make sure her own babies were protected.

Take a look below to see what Hailey had to say about the heroic gesture, via FOX 11 LA:

“According to the teen, Hailey, “I live in the mountains so this is really normal and it’s summer so they always come now.”

The woman who posted the video said Hailey and the dogs are both doing fine. She added that one of the dogs was “a little scratched” but the injury did not appear to be serious.

She said the family intends to put up “higher fences,” according to a comment made on TikTok.”

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Overall, we’re just glad Hailey The Warrior Princess made it out safe, and that Scooby and the gang made it out alive as well. Take a look below at her TikTok for a complete play-by-play of the whole ordeal:



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