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In a new video, ISIS threatens the United States.


Public enemy No. 1: We now have a pretty good idea who the suspected mastermind of the Paris plot is: Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He’s only in his 20s, but he’s already racked up quite a resume: He was tied to a plan to attack Belgian cops in January (foiled, thankfully). He’s bragged about being able to come and go from Europe as he pleases. And he’s believed to be the link between ISIS bosses and their lackeys in Europe. Worst of all, we have no idea where he is.


One bad apple: This is some serious game of one-upmanship. Just because one Paris attack suspect slipped into Europe with Syrian refugees, 27 U.S. states have gone into overdrive and won’t let any Syrian refugees in. (The feds have the final say in this matter, but states can make things difficult). Then, Sen. Rand Paul introduces legislation blocking visas for refugees from any country with a high terror risk. And Donald Trump does one better: He says he’s open to the idea of shutting mosques in the U.S. #oof


An all-too-common tragedy: A disputed circumstance. A contentious response. This time, it’s Minneapolis, where protesters shut down a highway last night, demanding that police release videos and the names of the officers involved in the death of Jamar Clark. Protesters say Clark was cuffed when he was shot Sunday. (He died Monday). Cops say he wasn’t, but they won’t say much beyond that. The city mayor has asked the feds to launch a civil rights investigation.

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