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We all know the Republican war on Critical Race Theory is a bunch of white fragility-induced racist nonsense that has nothing to do with fear that misinformation is being taught to children. Because if that were the case, the conservative world would also erupt in outrage when “educators” are spreading actual misinformation to children by bringing their right-wing conspiracy theories to the classroom.

In Ventura, California, a white history teacher proved that even the most recent American history is something she fails to teach accurately as she had one of her students reportedly believing that ex-President Donald Trump is, in fact, still the president of the United States. The student recorded part of the lecture, in which the teacher can also be heard saying things to a classroom full of pre-teens about vaccines and the son of President Joe Biden that she had zero facts to substantiate.


The Anacapa Middle School student’s mother, Sarah Silikula, told CBS New York that the teacher, who hasn’t been named publicly, taught her son that the commander-in-absolutely-nothing-but-losing-bigly is still our president—which likely means this woman whose job it is to teach people things bought into all of the demonstrably false “stop the steal” propaganda Orange Jussolini started after losing his bid for reelection in 2020. 

First, let’s start with what was captured in the recording reviewed and published by CBS.

“People need to wake up and see the government has way too much power right now,” the teacher can be heard saying in the recording taken on Oct. 18. “Hunter Biden, for example, is doing deals with China and Ukraine where he was funneling money illegally. He also had child pornography on his laptop. He was having sexual intercourse with his own niece.”

For the record: While Hunter Biden is accused of shady dealings in China and Ukraine, he hasn’t been found guilty of anything, but that didn’t stop the woman whose job it is to teach about things that factually happened from purporting her statements as fact while speaking to impressionable children.

Also, the stuff about child porn and sexual abuse has already been fact-checked and found to be baseless nonsense born in the sick minds of idiots who just say anything on social media.

And, of course, no diatribe of righty-whitey nonsense would be complete without lies being spread about the COVID-19 vaccine.

“If you have a baby in the hospital, they don’t want to give it back if you’re not vaccinated,” the teacher can be heard claiming without citing literally anything to back it up. “This is a complete power control threat.”

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Can you imagine what this teacher’s actual history lessons must be like?

She probably has students thinking that Abraham Lincoln died after tripping and falling backward head-first into a bullet. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot dead because he was trespassing on somebody’s balcony, not because he was fighting Amerian racism. The Civil War was over state’s rights and the millions of negroes in chains were just part of a room and board/labor and torture exchange program.

“I mean, why? Why does that need to be said in this classroom full of children?” Silikula asked. She also said the “educator’s” non-lesson damaged her and her husband’s relationship with their son.

“I trusted her to teach him the facts about history and she went off on this rant like a preacher on a pulpit,” Silikula said. “When he first got in the car and said, ‘Dad, teachers know everything. She’s right, dad. You’re wrong.’ He’s damaged. He’s hurt. He’s scared. He doesn’t trust his parents now. He thinks we lied to him.” She also said her son is now refusing to take any future vaccines and that he literally asked them if they were aware Trump is still president.

The school district told CBS an investigation into the incident was conducted and that they are following the “progressive discipline policy” as agreed to with the teachers’ union, but the district didn’t specify what the hell “progressive discipline policy” even means.

The superintendent told Silikula the teacher was removed from her son’s class but didn’t say whether or not she was still employed by the school or the district.

Either way, Silikula said removal from the classroom isn’t enough.

“Whatever anybody’s political belief is, I respect. It’s their belief,” Silikula said. “Don’t impose it on my child who I trusted in your care.”


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