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Forward City X Travis Greene

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Travis Greene is back and he is bringing his Forward City Church with him. Their newest single “Tent Revival” is here and you can heard it first at the Get Up! Church. The song comes from Exodus 33. It tells the story of Moses pitching a tent to meet with God. Greene said ” what we’re doing is raising a generation now pursue the face of God we know the impact this is a result of intimacy and so that’s what the song that’s what the entire album is all about. And it’s a lot of fun.”

Listen to the new single below:




Listen to Greene & Forward City’s interview with Erica and GRIFF below:


Read Greene & Forward City’s interview below:

ERICA CAMPBELL: New music from Travis Greene and Forward City y’all it’s “Tent Revival” on Get Up! Mornings. I’m Erica Campbell and Travis is still with us today. Good morning again my friend.

TRAVIS GREENE: Yo what up my sister?

ERICA: Good, good, good. So you and your wife Dr. Jackie recently completed episode two of “Permission Talk.” And you talked about “spiritual disciplines” tell us a little bit about it.

TRAVIS: Yeah, man first of all “Permission Talk.” is incredible. It’s my wife’s podcast. And yeah, on the on the episode we really talked about how important it is to maintain discipline. Simple disciplines that keep us in alignment with God. You know, the way I look at it, it’s like a car. You can have the fanciest and nicest car but you don’t have things that just keep it in the road. Your tires rotated and balanced in oil change when gasoline in it. That cars gonna run out. And so such as with our lives. They are disciplines, fasting, praying, giving, and serving that is so important. Evangelizing. They’re so important to keep us in the role as a Christian. We’re not called to just walk with God, we’re called to walk like him and so that’s what the episode is about.

ERICA: I love that. I love that. It’s back to school season and you attended Georgia Southern University. The real GSU you say it’s the real deal. And as you may know, I’m in Georgia because Krista is going to Spelman. I need some advice. What advice do you have for me? With my daughter going to an HBCU?

TRAVIS: Oh man, it’s gonna be amazing. First of all, I got a lot of HBCU experience. I went to Georgia Southern which is not but we’re surrounded by HBCU Georgia stack with them Savannah State, Paine, Spelman and Morehouse. I mean everywhere. And so I’ll just tell her man, just enjoy, make connections with friends. They’re still friends from college that I do life with today. But don’t lose yourself. In it. Remember her core values remember what she learned from the Campbell’s and be the difference the light because now this campus is needed.

ERICA: Thank you so much, Travis. I appreciate that. I will take that to heart. He is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and musician. His new single is available on all digital outlets. Forward cCty with “Tent Revival.” Make sure you support it. Before we go. Someone needs a word of encouragement this morning. Can you leave us with a message to bless the people?

TRAVIS: Absolutely. Absolutely. We have a line in the song “Tent Revival”. We have a line that says “I see wood/ I see fire, I’ll be your revival.” And it comes from Genesis 22 where Isaac is walking with his dad, Abraham. And I think one thing that’s so significant is Isaac’s willingness to be the sacrifice. And I think for so many of us people are such in a rush to be seen instead of to be a sacrifice and God is raising up people. So I’ll just encourage you no matter where you are in the world and the greatest revival is setting yourself on fire and inviting other people to watch your heart. So continue to go after God and welcome to incredible days in your life.




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