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Several bodies found in vacant Fort Worth mortuary

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Getty

A Thai man, Tachawit Janngiw, and his wife did the absolute most to secure some cash recently.

The couple posted three photos on Facebook of Tachawit appearing to be dead. The whole scheme was an effort to get funeral money from family members, even though Tachawit was, in fact, alive and well.


According to Coconuts Bangkok, the wife captioned the photos, “Last photo before deactivating his Facebook. Love you.”


When folks asked the wife (who hasn’t been identified) what happened to her husband, she wrote that he died from cancer and asthma after suffering for a long time.

Way to double up the fatalities.


When folks challenged this notion, wondering why no one noticed Tachawit was ill, the wife said it was because he “pretended he was okay all along.”


Wifey even called up Tachawit’s mother herself, demanding she transfer the cash for the funeral.

The family eventually wired THB20,000 (U.S. $600) to Tachawit’s wife to purchase a coffin and rent a vehicle to transport his body back to his hometown in the Lampang province. The family made plans with a temple to quickly arrange Tachawit’s funeral once his body arrived.

Only problem is, the body didn’t show up of course.

And when one of Tachawit’s cousins called his cell phone, Tachawit actually picked up.

When he realized it was his cousin on the other end, he quickly hung up.


Tachawit and wifey ain’t really think this one through.

The family had to cancel the funeral plans after paying an allegedly unrecoverable THB60,000 (U.S. $1,800).

Tachawit’s mom said she wouldn’t hold it against her son. She did, however, cut off all contact with him and his wife.


On top of all this, one of Tachawit’s long-time friends and co-worker said this isn’t the first time Tachwit has tried to run game on someone. In one extreme case, the friend said Tachawit stole another friend’s wallet right when they were about to donate a large sum of money to a temple.

Tachawit’s friends have now left hateful comments on his Facebook page after his fake death.

According to celebrity lawyer Gerdphol Geawgerd, Tachawit could be charged with both fraud and posting false information to a computer system. His fines can be up to THB160,000 (U.S. $4,800) and/or up to 10 years imprisonment.


Smooth moves Tachawit.

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