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Church Prayer

Source: Christopher Futcher / Getty

Growing up many children and teenagers attend church with their family, but according to a recent study that changes as they become young adults. A report put out by LifeWay Research stated that 66% of young adults that go to Protestant churches when their young stop attending between the ages of 18 and 22.

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Moreover some of the reasons participants of the study mentioned this happens is due to going away to college, not feeling connected to the church anymore, disagreements as well as working obligations. There were over 2,000 participants from the survey that was done from September 15th- October 13th.

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National talk show host and author, Alex McFarland said, “If they are taught the biblical worldview and the responsibility of every Christian to be a steward of their life and their influence and be a part of a church, really all of those things could ultimately be dealt with.”

He encouraged, “teaching a more cohesive, consistently proclaimed biblical worldview.”

McFarland also thinks that more churches should talk about social issues as well as politics. He mentioned that a lot of young people attend his conferences and he speaks on topics they enjoy talking about.

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