After the disaster that has become the experiment of now-disgraced executive producer Mike Richards as the main host, one of the most iconic game shows is trying a different approach before replacing the replacement. The studio behind ‘Jeopardy!’ has reportedly decided on having two famous figures with ties to the show fill in for the […]

After a long search, ‘Jeopardy!’ has finally found someone to fill the role of host after the passing of Alex Trebek last year. The iconic game show has actually named two successors to the late Trebek on Aug. 11: Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik. Richards will serve as host of the syndicated editions and […]

Veteran actor LeVar Burton was recently quoted as saying "it will hurt" if he's not chosen as the new permanent host of 'Jeopardy!,' and many of us who recognize his star power and influence in Black culture are starting to feel the same way.

During NBC News with correspondent Joe Fryer, he skipped over the fact that Trebek spoke about needing prayer.

Reports state that Trebek has three years left in his contract and the host during his cancer announcement mentioned that he would like to finish those years out, but doesn't know if he can.