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The Spirit in Mind 3/30/24 Podcast

Mindset Matters – Our thoughts have reproductive powers. Is it time to leave or is it time to work?

ANYTIME THERE’S A CRISIS THERE’S GROWTH Do You Know the difference between a Rest Stop and the End of Your journey?

Finding growth opportunities in the midst of loss, when your experience fails to meet your expectations.

Special Guest Annette March Grier of Roberta’s House with a message about Grief becoming a part of life.

Embracing and living in this New Place of Transition When you find yourself living in the New Season you will find yourself looking different.

Transitioning to a New Place or Season, manifest assignments Spiritually, Geographically, Ideologically, and coping with relationships to secure your purpose!

Guest Annette R. March-Grier from Roberta’s House & March Funeral home; discussion on how imbalanced thoughts affect your mental health and grief.

Are you still carrying baggage in route to your place of promise?