A 74-year-old Black woman named Joyce Watkins can attest to being wrongfully convicted of a crime she didn't commit only to be exonerated after spending over two-and-a-half decades behind bars.

A Raleigh detective recently proved that not all cops are here to protect us after he was fired for conspiring to plant fake heroin on Black men with help from an informant and knowledge from other officers. 

The events over the weekend raises concern among authorities and local community members who feel there is an uptick in vehicle thefts involving juveniles in the DMV area.

Announcing a “new progressive direction” on handling arrests and prosecutions, Mosby said the city would no longer spend limited resources on “low-level crimes” including drug possession and prostitution.

The family of a man who was killed by a police officer has reached a $20 million dollar settlement with Prince George's County. The settlement is among the largest settlements by someone killed by a police officer in U.S. History.


While this seems like a win for the people, it will also be seen as an opportunity for a racially driven president who has no qualms about sending his "secret army" into communities of color to make an example of them for standing up to law enforcement regardless of how peaceful they may be. Donald Trump has already acknowledged the protests in Rochester saying New York's elected officials "have no idea what to do."

An officer-involved shooting took place on Interstate 95 and Interstate 895 in Howard County, Maryland on Friday Morning. The incident took place during a traffic stop leaving one person dead. The officer involved suffered minor injuries.

Baltimore city police arrested a man who they say raped a woman in the parking lot of Loch Raven High School last year. Brandon Saunders, 29, of the 3900 block of Eierman Avenue, allegedly attacked the woman after he offered her a ride in July 2019. He was arrested at his home on Wednesday. The […]

  Thieves are stealing ATM machines by using trucks to ram into local businesses. According to Baltimore Police, the crimes have continued on and off for months. Sometimes thieves use stolen vehicles to force entry, crashing through storefronts to get at the cash. On June 27, three stores were hit in west, northeast and midtown […]

Rickey Smiley directly challenged the Black community while delivering a passionate and at times emotional update about his daughter's condition days after she was shot multiple times in Houston.