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The FBI has offered a noncommittal response to the ongoing series of HBCU bomb threats while Black leaders are sounding the alarm and demanding a full investigation from federal law enforcement officials.


If you live in Maryland, take special care of your personal info and monitor online transactions: The FBI reports instances of online fraud are on the rise.

The same FBI that spied on Martin Luther King Jr. apparently thought the best way to celebrate his civil rights legacy on his national holiday was to use the good reverend doctor’s own words in vain.

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Much of the mainstream media has failed to cover missing Black and Latinx girls in the nation's capital.

It's not a secret that the comedian can put his foot in his mouth, but this time he is definitely on point.

Eighteen-year-old Ben Keita, disappeared on Nov. 26 and in January, his body was found hanging from a tree in a wooded area near his Washington State home.

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Two months prior to the shooting, Esteban Santiago showed up at the FBI offices in Anchorage, Alaska unannounced.

Arianna's mother Nicole Fitts was found dead and buried in the fetal position in McLaren Park in San Francisco.

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The new legislation will allow civil rights cold cases that happened prior to 1970 to be reopened.

After months of being on the run, Shanika S. Minor was finally found in Layetteville, North Carolina.