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No one has all the answers. If we did, we wouldn’t need God. When you’re looking for an answer you can’t find, that’s an indicator to open your ears to God and listen to what He has to say. It’s cool to seek our friends and family, but sometimes they’re waiting on God, just like you.

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In today’s “Erica-ism,” while discussing being new to a church as First Lady, being new to a reality tv show with her family in her house and being new to radio as a host, Erica Campbell shared that in those times where let your ego get in front of you and make you think you know it all, those are times to turn it over to God and tell Him you don’t know what to do so the Holy Spirit can guide you.

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The Holy Spirit will show you which way to go and will show you decrement. It will show you how to sit back and be patient and let God’s plan unfold before you. In these moments, you should keep up your faith and keep a good spirit. God is going to reveal to you exactly what he wants you to do.

Erica’s always giving answers and solutions, but today she said she’s waiting on something herself…



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