Kanye West

Kanye West brought Sunday Service to an actual church on Sunday, as the latest edition took place at a North Hollywood middle school where the California Worship Center holds its services.  California Worship Center is Pastored by his long time friend and super music producer, Pastor Warryn Campbell and our very own, Grammy winner and  […]

They’ve collaborated on songs like “Ultralight Beam,” West has sampled Franklin, and Franklin’s been vocal about his support for Yeezy. Despite Kanye’s recent actions that have many questioning his sanity, Franklin’s love and support remains.

A couple weeks ago Kim Kardashian shared with the world that her and Kanye welcomed a baby boy via surrogate.

There’s no prayers or sermon, but the family confirmed, “it’s Christian.” It’s a peaceful vibe where the music and its subject serve as a healer. 

Kanye West once again took some people on social media straight to church with his Sunday Service.

Despite what many say about Kanye West some think he’s a musical genius.

Chance the Rapper recently announced that he was taking a sabbatical to study the word of God.

Eventhough Kanye West has made some questionable comments in the press lately, we can’t help but celebrate the fact that his father is beating the battle against cancer. West tweeted a photo of chopsticks and a plastic takeout container full of creepy crawlers on Tuesday.      “Overcome fear,” he wrote. “My dad and I […]

The rapper explained in his tweets that he think's it is "important to have a direct line of communication with our future President."

Jay Z and Kanye West belong together, so we're only semi-acknowledging this rough patch.