Cheryl Jackson

SHELTERED Like an eagle, God shelters us beneath his wings from storms and attacks.  The image is powerful, yet also tender.  How wonderful it is to be tucked in, right up against him, absorbing his warmth. Do you rest in this promise of protection, or do you struggle, always poking your head out to see […]

According to TMZ, Kim Burrell,  came under fire for insensitive comments made in church, will NOT step down — she’ll be ministering again after deep introspection and counsel from her pastor. Kim and Pastor Dr. Mike Freeman of Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Maryland, tell TMZ … the backlash won’t silence her, because she believes speaking […]

What was your last random act of kindness? Whether you bought a homeless man a burger, donated to dig a new well in Africa, or simply smiled at a stranger in the produce aisle, these impulses are evidence of the Spirit at work in your life. The more we tune into God, the more he […]

UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE If she gossiped less.  If he shared his feelings more.  It’s easy, isn’t it, to list the ways other people could change for the better?  We know we are called to live in harmony with one another, but our “others” can really make it difficult. But we need to accept one another as […]

James Fortune is Number 1 this week on the Billboard Airplay Charts!  November 2021, MNRK Music Group and GRAMMY nominated artist James Fortune released the single, “Never Let Me Down”.  James said this is his 13th #1 hit as a writer and/or artist (8 as an artist). Now residing in Birmingham and a living testimony […]

NEVER DISAPPOINTED None of us are strangers to being disappointed.  In life, we have learned to prepare ourselves for both the best and the worst possible outcomes.  But when it comes to our salvation, there is no need to be braced for disappointment because the hope we have in Christ is guaranteed. The presence of […]

NOT SHAKEN We all have different ways of dealing with worry.  Some internalize it, others call a friend, and still others find a way to take their minds off it.  When we bring our worry to God and lay our anxious hearts bare before him, he will encourage us , lift us up, and sustain […]

MEASURED DAYS Life throws all kinds of things at us.  Stress, pressure, decisions, and busy schedules.  When we are living, rushed in the midst of our own lives, we forget the age – old reality that life passes over quickly.  If we stop, as the Psalmist did, in full awareness of a fleeting life, we […]

  Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin joined NBC’s TODAY Show to perform “Kingdom,” off their collaboration album, ‘Kingdom Book One’.   Additionally, Franklin and Maverick City Music co-founders Tony Brown and Jonathan Jay discussed the movement behind Maverick City Music, how the genre-transcending group continues to pave the path for minority representation in the […]

RELEASED AND RESTORE When a judge puts down the hammer to seal a guilty verdict, the person is condemned to whatever sentence is given.  Forms of punishment have been different over time and space, but they all share the same purpose – to cause one to suffer as a consequence for wrongdoing.  We were all […]