In every corner of creation, we see the beauty and glory of God. From the microscopic to the magnificent we see not just the breadth of creation, but the breath of the Creator, a Creator who loved and spoke into being a masterpiece of colour, light and glory. In moments of haze and confusion about […]

Throughout the scriptures we see a clear thread of God’s heart and desire to reveal himself to the world. In many ways and to many people God has displayed his nature and glory, he does this both personally and privately and powerfully and publicly. Whatever the method He uses, it’s clear God desires to be […]

In these times money has become our god, and the body, soul, and spirit of man are disregarded and neglected to gain more, achieve more, and pursue more. Excessive material possessions have ruined the sanctity of family and marriage. We work longer and harder, and even though the money may be coming in, we stand […]

Want to Hear God: Get Still and Listen! You have to be quiet in order to hear God speak. If you want to hear God’s vision, then you’re going to have to turn off the television. You can’t listen to God and the TV at the same time! The reason why God may never speak […]

The other day two people told GRIFF that God told them to give him a message.

How Do You Get God’s Dream for Your Life? I’ve come to the conclusion there is no such thing as great people. There are only ordinary people committed to great dreams. When you commit yourself to a great dream, it draws something out of you and helps you become larger than you would become any […]

From Dream to Deliverance If you want your faith to grow so you can claim God’s promise in Mark 9:23 — “Everything is possible for the person who has faith” (GNT) — then you must first understand that God takes you through six phases of faith. Phase 1: Dream What is the dream God has given […]

God Grows Your Faith in Six Phases The Bible says in Matthew 9:29, “According to your faith let it be done to you” (NIV). That’s the key to the great adventure of following Jesus Christ. God says, “You get to choose how much I bless your life. You believe, and I’ll do it. You believe, […]

While we experience difficult things in life there are certain verses in the Bible that continue to tell us to trust in God.

Two men almost killed on roadside in their abandoned truck say it was Jesus who warned them to get away from the vehicle.